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    Has anyone completed this course….have they had success in options on a property?  Is this all do-able and realist? I think if many students are searching the market approaching owners…surely many would be scouting the SAME AREAS?

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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    IMHO you would be better off finding advisors who deal with options.

    Brokers and solicitors on here have used options themselves, I am sure there are accountants and other professionals who have also.



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    Hi mate,

    Did Property Options and Conclave. I'm still getting off the ground, had a big deal slip through around $6M but have another one on the blocks at $2M.

    Mate the truth is, you can do any mentor courses out there.

    The answer is, can you apply the knowledge learnt?

    This game is more about do you want to win.

    When times get rough you have got to believe that you can do it and you must be able to see what you want and who you must become.

    It's a mentality game. Hope this helps.


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    There is a long thread on the subject at:

    Cheers,  Paul

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    i think its a really good strategy if you have the time…is there anyone in Perth who has successfully completed deals? I would be interested to finding out more.

    Please email me: [email protected]


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    Theres plenty of people doing plenty of deals in Perth, and all across the rest of the country for that matter.

    I do deals all over Australia even though I'm in Melbourne. And i have friends in Perth who do great.

    LIke the others said you need to apply what you learn.



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