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  • Sellmyhouse
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    Hello I was wondering if anyone has experience in subdividing existing attached 1930s houses?

    I am considering purchasing two attached houses on a big block of land. The houses have separate house numbers but they are both on the same title and have been since they were built in the 1930s.

    Is anyone able to advise how much it might cost to subdivide the section into two? I have learned that they have shared sewage drains but assume the electricity connections etc are separate as they have been separately rented in the past. 

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    Hi Sellmyhouse,

    It's an interesting scenario. We recently completed a similar project in Malvern East in Victoria.

    They can be quite tricky, depending on the existing conditions of the site.

    Where is the property located?

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    It helps if you note which State and even council the property is located in?



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    I am personally doing this right now in QLD which is a very simple process up here. Which state are you in?

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