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    You're walking along the beach, and you find a bottle washed up on the shore…

    You give it a rub, and out pops a property investing genie, offering you 3 wishes.

    BUT there's a catch…

    The genie won't hand you success on a silver platter – he can only help you to achieve it with specific knowledge, experience, deals, opportunities, contacts or information. (He's not a very powerful genie ;))

    What do you wish for?

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    The business card of a better Genie

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    Yes! Excellent response – you might as well use up all three wishes and get a few recommendations for better genies.



    Jamie Moore | Pass Go Home Loans Pty Ltd
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    Mortgage Broker assisting clients Australia wide Email:

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    I would ask for…

    1. US property investing experience

    2.Charlie Sheen as a contact (to hangout with lol when I am not working)

    3. Where I can find the best ROI with the least amount of risk.

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    Can you still get the deal with the Unlimited Tim Tams?

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