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    I recently completed a small unit development (4×2 bedroom units) I created a blog at the start of the project to see if I could stimulate interest and excitement in the project during construction. It didn't have the impact i initially thought it might however i'm not sure i optimised it's exposure through additional social media sites, google adwords etc. we have just finished the development and interest is great but i think this is only through the traditional print advertising. I have a few more developments about to start and wondered if it's worthwhile doing again. Anyone have any experience or advice regarding this type of marketing for future developments.

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    Hi and welcome aboard.

    I'm not sure how much social media will assist in your situation but here's a thread about facebook marketing that's quite recent



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    Hi there,

    Websites provide unique and relevant content, and Social Media channels are used for promoting that content. They go together hand in hand as an important part of your online brand marketing strategy. Social Media increases visibility, number of leads, and conversion rates. Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, they are efficient and provide the perfect environment to engage with your prospects. Don’t expect miraculous results overnight, building an online presence takes time and requires consistency.

    For best results, optimise your site and run an adword campaign.



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