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    Hi, I am new to this forum. I have enjoyed reading all comments and input so have now joined up.

    I would value opinions on South Australia. We have several IPs to the North (Playford) and to the South (Onkaparinga). Values have gone backwards and don't show any sign of improving in the near future, certainly in the north, due to oversupply. This also means that rents aren't increasing.

    Any thoughts on where the state is going from a property growth potential point of view would be valued.

    Has the expectation of Olympic Dam and its delay meant that values will be stagnant now for several years? Or not?



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    Someone just came on asking about a PM in Coober Pedy.



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    Recent news with oil find shows Coober Pedy was going to start taking off… is there no talk of that in the area yet? I guess it will take some planning time and money until work starts there, but would have thought this a great future investment area?

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    Rather than buy up big in Cooper Pedy you always look to take up a few long term Call options.

    Reduce your risk yet maximise your opportunity.


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    How would you go about taking a long term call option in Coober Pedy?

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    Hi GF,

    I've got a property in Taperoo SA and have seen values go slightly backwards like yourself. For what it's worth I am am seriously thinking of selling and taking the pain upfront rather than drawing it out over many years hoping for the market in SA to pick up. It is really quite frustrating as I think if certain SA suburbs where in Melb or Syd they would be potential gold mines.

    It is a really basic theory but I just don't think the population is large enough (or growing quick enough) and there is still plenty of spare land (salt flats a Cavan for one) so I cant see the prices moving up any time soon. Also question whether the regional mining announcements have any substantial effect on the SA metro property market.

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