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    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently living in my 1st house that i just bought, and doing a bit of renovations to the place with the intention to rent it out in roughly 2 years when i buy a bigger house for myself.

    I'm looking for peoples opinions about the bathroom. Its got 2 doors, one to the hallway and the other to the master bedroom like an en suite. We've blocked off the door to the master because my housemates and I believe its a waste of space as it takes up a lot of furniture space in the ( rather small ) master bedroom and has the risk of awkwardly walking in on people getting changed and what not.

    I was thinking about bricking it up and using the space to build a very much needed bigger bench top for the bathroom sink.

    But do you think having the 2 doors would appeal to potential tenants ? It could be something as simple as saying on a rental advertisement  "master bedroom with en suit" that would grab peoples attention and have more people come to look at the property.

    The house would be much more suited to a family with kids, and i imagine they might like the double door bathroom a lot more than we do.

    Id hate to go to all the work of building it all if it doesn't actually add any value.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    I don't think two doors would make much of a difference and I don't know if you could describe it as an ensuite when advertising if it's the only bathroom in the house (I assume it is?)

    If anything, two doors leading into one bathroom can cause for some very awkward moments :-)



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    Lol at jamies comments! You don’t want an awkward moment with the wrong person in a bathroom

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    Bathrooms with two doors are one of my pet hates. It’d decrease the value of the property in my mind.

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    Yep, me too JacM.

    I've seen a toilet or two like this too, with a door from a hallway and a bathroom leading in. It means you pretty much have to lock one at all times anyway if you have people over or staying.

    Block it up, make a nicer bathroom I say.



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    Even the Brady Bunch had a bathroom like that – with six kids in the house did it ever cause a problem?

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    the only pro i could see with this is if you added an extra bathroom and turned the two door into an ensuite blocking the door not connecting it to the bedroom.

    but thats a lot of work just for a rental.

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    If you were to ask me I find it quite a bit of hassle. First, If I need to use the bathroom with two doors obviously I need to lock them while I am using it and unlock them afterwards There might be  tendencies that you will forget to lock the other one, so its quite embarrassing thus privacy is being compromised. You have to install two light switches again for obvious reason. Just a thought here.  Thanks

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    I had one of these in my home and bricked in the door way leading from the master bedroom. My thoughts 1. I didn't want to see a messy bathroom from my bedroom.  2.  I didn't want visitors peeking into my bedroom when they were in the bathroom.

    I haven't sold this property on yet but don't see how bricking in one door way would decrease value.  (I don't think the decision would add value either, just aesthetics really.) 

    I may consider adding an ensuite bathroom to the front of the house (where the master bedrrom is) and extending the roof line prior to sale.

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    We had this situation in our townhouse. You lose so much bathroom space by having two doors as you need to keep both doorways clear. I pulled out the door from the main bedroom and re-did that section in stud wall and gyprocked/tiled etc …. made a huge difference … in a good way. I vote for do it ….


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    Must a agree with the nay sayers.  Is there a commercial application to having a seperate entry to the main bedroom ??? Maybe a redlight over the entrance door to the bedroom ???

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