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    Hi All.

    This link is to an article about landlord insurance pitfalls and also suggests 2 companies who provide landlord's insurance who appear to provide specialist cover. The article has negative comments about several companies which might be worth reading. Thought this might be helpful since we all need to be covered by this type of insurance if we have tenants.



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    Interesting read – thanks for sharing.



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    Hey thecrest,

    I had a quick read of the PDF. It is interesting that this was put together, and it really emphasises the importance of getting landlord insurance.

    To be honest, I've been really surprised when a few of the newbie investors in the forum have mentioned that they had no landlord insurance. I actually use 1 of the specialist insurance providers that were mentioned in the report.

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    I use Terri Sheer and found them to be a little bit testy on the claim side.  At the end of the day I reckon I was out of pocket about $12k with malicious damage and a rent skip, they coughed up $10k after a bit of persistent hassling by me.

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