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    I'm looking for an NRAS guru here
    I have several projects at various stages which would be ideal for NRAS, however jumping through all the hoops etc is the problem
    I need contact with those who set up & qualify as NRAS approved, but cant find the right people

    So, any here (or know someone) who sets up properties for NRAS?


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    Hi Troy,
    I know someone who knows someone who has… will find out if they are interested in contacting you and will get back to you :)

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    Hi Troy.

    Any luck with finding someone to help?

    We are in a similar position in Tassie.  Have 2 lovely 2brm units ready to be tenanted and NRAS would be ideal but the allocations seem to be all tied up.  Want to build more but Money Partners are hesitant but NRAS would certainly help us in this regard.

    Just wrote a comment on Opee's post named NRAS Property Investment if you want to check out our comments.

    Hope you are well.   Love to Bec and the girls.


    Jackie & Pete

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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