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    Hi all,

    About to by an investment property in Perth and am looking for a great conveyancer to assist with the purchase. Looking for someone to help point me in the right direction to a conveyancer that you have personally used to assist you in purchasing an investment property in Western Australia.

    Would be great if you could share a bit about what you liked about him/her, anything to keep an eye out for, etc. I’m an experienced investor with 6 properties in my portfolio but this is just my first in WA.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try Classic Conveyancing.

    Done plenty of work for me. Fay (Principal) very efficient and has good staff on board.

    Note they are only conveyancers not propertyy solicitors.

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    Mr LV

    I used the LJ Hooker one a few times. Even when not using LJ Hooker.
    Ring 4 or 5 of them and get the cheapest price, then ring again to the cheapest and ask for discount, it works very well.


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    Just remember that in Perth they mostly refer to conveyancers as ‘Settlement Agents’ … a small point but important to know none the less.

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    Hartfield Conveyancing in Applecross. Warren is a personal friend of mine and has a great reputation. Very reasonable prices.

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