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    does anyone use a auto responder email account, looking 4 a recomendation on wat/whos account to use.

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    this is a property forum however
    aweber is a good  service you may wish to investigate

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    We use Office Autopilot but we found a good place to start was it's little brother Sendpepper.  Have a look at:

    Disclosure.  That's our affiliate link.

    Cheers,  Paul

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    You never mention what is your purpose for having one.  There are free auto responder available out there. If for business,  you might as well consider getting paid quality auto responder. Free auto responder has its limitation which might not suit your business operations. Just a thought

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    I totally agree with M.r Investigator. The free ones really suck. I tried it and it didn't go well as my expectations though it wasn't for my business.

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    The alternative is just answer them yourself.

    I get on average 60-65 emails a day 7 days a week and make sure i always answer mine the same day where possible even when i am the UK or Europe.

    Adds a wee bit of Professionalism to the business.

    If you don't go that route i am unable to offer any advice to what has been already posted.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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    Post Count: 12 is a good one. I would recommend that for you as I have been using the same and I am very satisfied so far.

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