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    Hi everyone,

    I am renovating a 40 year old house in Seaford, Vic and am ready to do the floors. The internal walls have been painted white while outside has been painted in a mushroom/ latte combination. My wife likes the idea of staining to get a more expensive looking finish, that will contrast more, where as I was thinking of just going with the clear varnish.

    Our plan is to rent the house out when we are finished.

    Anyone want to help out with some opinions on which way you would go or have tried?



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    It's possible to use a varnish called "Black Japan" (Feast Watson make a good go of it) that used to be used in the old days. It can be diluted for a lighter finish (then sealed) or double/triple coated for a darker finish.

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    I'm with your wife on that one. The darker stain usually makes for a more luxurious (and expensive looking) appearance. Providing there is enough natural light in the space, then go for it. If there is minimal natural light then you'd want to really stay with the lighter colour to assist light reflectance.
    Another reason I like the idea of staining is to minimise the contrast between the knots in the wood and the overall colour. Presumably the knots are quite dark and the rest is reasonably light? Having a more consistent colour will give you a more modern effect.
    Hope that helps. Love to see photos when you're done!

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    Hey Guys thanks for the replies, we have plenty of light so will go for the staining option. I will definitely post some pics when finished.

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    Bear in mind that Radiata Pine is quite soft – easy to get scratches and depressions in the surface that will stand out like crazy if it has a dark stain over it. Dark stain to increase the perceived value? Most likely, yes. Practical long-term? Not really.

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