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    I just found this company through a facebook advertisement and I’m not exactly sure what the $500 gets… is it a membership joining fee? And then once you want to invest you must organise financials and go from there? I am sending them an email, but has anyone dealt with them?

    It might be an idea for some of you more seasoned veterans to call them and grill them a little so that you can report back and let us newbies know what their deal is… I couldn’t find anything on scam watch.

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    Here is an idea. Why not find a direct real estate agent in the area you want to buy and give them a call or email them. That way you KNOW you won’t be paying excessive fees.

    Everything in the US is available online for free (as Emma says Redfin, Trulia, Zillow) so why would you want to pay $500 (or any amount) for absolutely nothing?

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    The first thing I look for on a website is who is behind the company. I am always wary when a website does not have a single name about who is behind the business.

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    lawsjs – i have never invested in property before let alone anywhere, so i thought a syndicated approach would be ideal for me to get my toes wet into investing… especially in overseas residential property… i like this idea, and if the returns are more than the bank then why not :)

    Nigel – OK… so the email I received was from Dusko Ruzic :) This could be the man behind it all?

    The response I got back is below…

    There is no membership fee. $500 is the minimum initial investment in each property. We will be updating the website shortly with a demo video that will give you an introduction of how our online platform can help you invest in the US.

    A brief typical scenario is below:

    1. Once you open an account and deposit at least $500. You are able to allocate that accross properties that we have available in the US in a number of different states.

    2. Your initial investment (e.g. $500) is pooled with other investors from around Australia. When the property is 100% financed, it is purchased and put on the market to be rented out.

    3. You will receive a rental return in direct proportion to your investment (e.g. if you $500 represents 5% percentage share, you will receive 5% of the rent) each month.

    4. Once the property is sold, you will receive a share of the profit. (e.g. if the property value doubles in 2 years, your investment would double)

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