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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick one to see if anyone has any recommendations or good/bad experiences with investment property management software. There are a million on google but would love to know if anyone has a favourite.

    Also what do you think is a reasonable cost for this?

    Love to hear your opinions and happy Friday!!
    Peach :) 

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    I use – great package & easy to use.

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    Hi Peachy,

    Not sure what exactly you want your software to do but if it is of any help I used a simple self-designed excel sheet just to record and tally up the ins and outs during the financial year.

    Since then I employ a book-keeper and she uses MYOB. She is MYOB trained and is qualifed as a certified MYOB trainer.

    I have always used MS Outlook's Calendar function to tracj when inspections are due, leases expire and other reminder type tasks associated with owning properties.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have self-managed our IP holiday rental for 4 years using the following with great success and endless bookings:

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    I've tried a number of software, including MYOB.

    Although after tryinga number of them, I still prefer and currently use MS Excel. I have more control of how i want it customized.
    Some other software is too rigid and hard to customise

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    Thanks guys for the advice!

    Mattsa, are there any that you wouldn't recommend so I can steer clear?


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