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    Hi all,

    We've just settled on a house in Perth that came with approval to subdivide the front off the land.

    the subdivision has the normal conditions like getting water and power hooked up, septics etc – and for the subdivision to be fully 'done' these things have to be met.

    The thing is we're not sure at this stage what we're going to do with the front land – build on it or sell, so we don't want to put in full house plans yet.  But I need to submit a 'deposited plan' – what's that? 

    I can't see how it's possible to meet conditions like the effluent waste system without doing a full house plan.

    If anyone experienced could guide me a little it would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you!!

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    You should speak to a planner at your council, they can guide you on what to do next.

    You dont need house plans to have utilities hooked to land portions.

    If you dont know what your going to do with the front block, then why subdivide now?

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    The approvals are in place so it would be a waste to not subdivide before the expiry, add to that the LG regulations have changed since it was approved and we wouldn't get approvals to do it now.

    We've made a decision re the front block now, we are going to build on it.  Thanks for the advice re planner, I am going to ring the council on monday.  I've already rung the guy on the approval letter but haven't heard back – I posted here cos I'm a bit impatient :)


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    With the Sewer and water meter condition, they are usually installed by Water supply company. For sewer, they just install a sewer connection point only. Your plumber will be fix the future sewer system into that point. Floor plan not needed, but it is a good ideal to have some plan drafted up so you can chose good locations for those service point for future house.

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