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    Hi all
    Looking at getting stuck right into some research and weighing up the value of subscriptions to the Pricefinder ‘single’ membership, or the RP Data “RP Professional” product on offer.
    Would love to hear from anyone who has used, or is using, these products… pros and cons of each, value for money, any other similar available products that you can recommend?
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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    if you're in victoria don't bother with either. with new privacy laws introduced they are pretty much useless.

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    Thanks for that! Mainly looking at NSW

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    For value for money I would say Price Finder is hard to beat, getting a login with a group membership being an option as well.

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    Hello Pups,

    We use both Price Finder and RP Data Professional …. I have been trading properties for the last 13 years and at that time RP Data standard version was really the only thing available and you get quite used to it and I find it even hard to trade up to RP data Professional , really used to the old system. The two downsides of RP Data is that it is becoming extremely expensive and the state of the stray are it only tied you down to a geographical area of the State due to cost considerations.

    Price Finder on the other hand is extremely cost-effective which offers you the whole state which is a reasonable price and as mentioned above if you find an investment group who offer a group subscription to Price Finder you will find it extremely cost-effective if you are just starting off in property and realistically that’s all you really need.

    I hope my two cents helped.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Moore

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    Thanks for your comments Andrew and Jason, very helpful! We were leaning towards Pricefinder for a few reasons, being…

    1. Value for money
    2. 1 Month sign up with Pricefinder VS 12 months with RP Data

    We also happened to come across a special offer that has allowed us to gain access to a free 3 month Pricefinder "Single" membership. This came with a subscription to "Your Investment Property" magazine (for anyone else who may be interested!).

    Thanks again!

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    I see that API magazine has a deal when you sign up for a one year mag subscription. You also get Pricefinder for 3 months tossed in. How long it will last I don't know

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    Hi all,

    I got that 3 month API offer and I found Pricefinder to be pretty good. Naturally it is only as good as the info that is supplied to them. You still have huge gaps due to prices being undisclosed. Other than that pretty easy to use.



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    I have been using RP Data Professional for over a year now. And recently I just trialled PriceFinder for 3 days, I find that it is easier to find the information I need. Navigation is better.

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    Hi guys

    I have used both RPData  and PF and find PriceFinder is more user friendly and has exactly the same data available, plus their iphone app is great and the interactive mapping is way simpler to use. Plus there is a cool trick you can use to find splitter blocks in a particular area – very valuable!

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