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    Got a 1590m2 block in heathmont for sale, its got 3 large gum trees on the block. Council has advised they must stay.

    The depth of the block is 80m2 and so far buyers can fit 3 units on the block. Two doors down has 4 units with the rear unit going for $720k 2 months ago. If we could remove the trees in a legal manner the buyer could get 4 units as well.

    2 trees are situated 10m at the rear of the home with the other at the back right corner.

    Any ideas how to get rid of the trees?

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       I'm assuming you fall in the maroondah council area? Your only hope is to have them declared dead,dying or dangerous by a suitably qualified person,which will allow you to remove them without a permit without being fined. I would not advise trying to poison them as they can be tested. Maroondah is very militant in their approach to tree removal. If you re sure it will make you money, you could also just have them lopped without any approval, the fine was $600 per tree last time i was fined. No criminal charges or anything just a monetary fine.This may not be the best approach if you intend to develop yourself if you can't sell the land,as it will get you offside with the council. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Mike,

    Looks like you might need an arborist to come out and have a look. They’ll be able to give you some further information on what you can do with them. I’m not sure what the going rate for arborists are, but the guy I use costs roughly $70 p/hr. Wouldn’t take more than a couple of hours tops for a standard residential block.

    All the best with the sale :)


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    Hi Mike,

    Make sure that you get an arborist, not a tree lopper.  Maroondah has several arborists that assess tree applications and will not accept advice from anyone who is not qualified.  You will also want to check if there are any neighbouring trees that could be an issue.  Maroondah won't approve anything that they believe will harm a neighbours tree.  With the dead, dying or dangerous classification what the Council used to suggest was that you get an arborist to look at the trees and write up a quotation, saying that the trees need to be removed for one of those reasons (assuming that is the assessment) so that you only have to pay for the removal not the assessment.

    It is also worth considering that Maroondah have more restrictive development requirements (reduced site coverage, larger open space) to allow for trees in new developments.  If the trees were classified to be removed they would probably want at least this number of trees replanted.

    Good luck with it.

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    out of interest Mike, what is the asking price for this land in Heathmont ??

    is it vacant land ? or is there currently a house on it ??


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