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    Hi All

    My partner and I are just starting out and we are looking for team members to help us with property investing.

    Does anyone know of any advisors from the following list that also invest in real estate and are based in Perth.

    Lawyers/Legal Counsel
    Home Inspector
    Real Estate Agent/Broker
    Mortgage Broker/Company/Lender
    Insurance Agent
    Property Manager/Company
    Tax Strategists/Estate Planner

    Any information would be great. Thanks very much!

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    I handle new business for the property management department for Realmark.

    I am happy to chat with you about any info you need regarding this type of service/industry.  I have worked in the industry for 14 years and am an active investor myself.

    My number 0408 004 459 if you would like to contact me.


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    Send me a PM and I can give you some info, your PM is not activated at the moment

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