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    Monday 5th December 2011
    Mark it in your diary

    Everyone seems to be talking about it.  It seems to be the hot property thing at the minute and I am sure you are itching or just curious to know more about the US property market. I know I am.

    COMING TO MELBOURNE APN IN DECEMBER.  It is our last meeting for 2011.

    DON'T let the silly season stop you from learning and stop you from taking action.  

    usflag.PNG - large Now more about US investing

    If you have been interested (or tempted to be) in investing in the United States it is essential that you work with people who have your best interests at heart and know what they are doing.

    Several states are showing signs of life, and some areas are overflowing with investment opportunities.

    If you select the right 'neighbourhoods' you can pick up some solid bargains.

    And we have Nigel Kibel coming to cover that in great detail during the APN meeting  

    Did you know? Texas …texas.PNG - small

    • It's the fastest growing State in America

    • Over 1000 people move into this State — DAILY!

    • It's home to more Fortune 500 companies than ALL of the other cities combined

    • Out of all the new jobs created in the US, up to 70% come from THIS State (its economy is vibrant!)

    • Last year this State had a budget SURPLUS (while the rest of the country was hurting)

    • Property prices have held up steadily since 2006 (While most other cities have fallen by up to 45-48% during the GFC!)

    • Developers and builders are strapped for finance, and the average person is in a financial hole (Can you smell opportunity?)

    • Many experts agree the current super low prices will never be repeated again!

    • You can buy at rock-bottom prices (without borrowing, as the loans are locked into the deals) and get instant cash-flow from DAY 1!

    Nigel Kibel's extensive 'insider' research suggests that this State is the safest place to put your investment dollar … it also returns ungodly yields of 20%!

    But, why take Nigel's word for it? You wouldn't throw your hard-earned money into a market you haven't researched and carefully looked into. 

    Especially since the investment rules are different in the US than they are in Australia! You can't apply there what has worked here. Simple. 

    That's why you need to hear from Nigel Kibel who has been involved in this State for 5 years. You will see why only he has the knowledge, infrastructure and expertise needed to help you navigate the US property maze. 

    You'll learn how an Aussie investor can SAFELY invest in the US for instant cash-flow AND solid capital growth … 

    You'll learn what HOTSPOTS to invest in, and which ones you should stay away from. 

    You'll also get up to speed on any 'COMPLIANCE ISSUES' that you must know about.   

    P.S. You need to be warned! Not all areas in the US are suitable for Aussie investors. So if you go with no skill, no education and just buy anything you could get seriously burnt! Why take the risk? Attend the December meeting to educate yourself about this opportunity

    WHAT TIME? 6.30pm for 7.00pm start – 9.30pm finish and networking from 9.30pm – 10.00pm

    WHERE IS THE MEETING? New Hope Baptist Church, Community Events Room – cnr Middleborough and Springfield Rds, North Blackburn, Victoria.  Need some more details about the meeting location?  click here

    Pay at the Door – $30 – Want to save money? Buy an annual membership or pay your casual entry prior to the meeting

    Annual Membership – ONLY $200 – you receive FREE entry to all meetings for 12 months plus $$ in bonuses and discounts.  Click HERE for more details

    Online Casual Entry$25 – Pay before midnight Sunday before the meeting and receive more than 15% discount.  Click here to pay online

    Don't forget to bring Pen and Paper and a Drink if you need one. Oh and bring LOTS of questions with you.
    We pack so much into our meetings you will leave bursting with information, inspiration and ready for action.

    For more information on our meetings go to:

    I look forward to seeing you there!!


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    I have to say if i was in Melbourne that night and knew Nigel was talking I would go along as you wont find anyone more knowledgeable on the US market.


    Yours in Finance

    Richard Taylor | Australia's leading private lender

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    Thanks for your comment Richard, it means a lot coming from you!!
    I was a bit skeptical about US myself, but I've had the fortune to have a coffee with Nigel and I am now very interested to find out more.
    I'm very much looking forward to Nigels talk


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    Anyone who is interested in the US should go and hear what Nigel has to say. What he is doing over there is certainly different to anybody else and he has actually worked on the ground, in realestate, in the areas that he deals. He's a great get for your meeting Troy, I'm sure people will really enjoy the session.


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           P A$$

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    Thank you for your kind remarks

    Please come along and learn about the best property market in the United States and learn how the secret of our success is the quality of our business partner there.

    Nigel Kibel | Property Know How
    Email Me | Phone Me

    We have just launched a new website join our membership today

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