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    I'm big on helping out the environment, and if I can help the environment by making my house and properties more energy efficient, then that's a big plus.

    I was interested, however, to find out from the poll in the recent article here:

    that "when compared to other important considerations like price, location and proximity to amenities, (energy efficiency) was the least important of all factors potential buyers are weighing up."

    Therefore, you have to weigh up whether it's worth it for your investment properties.

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    Generally, I’d say it was very low on an investor’s list. If it is going to cost more & return less/same is it worth it? It doesn’t generate extra rent, may save the tenant some running costs etc…….

    Saw one house sell recently for $200k less than asking, Did buyers care about the roof panels, solar hws, water filtering systems, eco design, passive solar, low care sustainable garden etc? No – where’s the air cond, convert the pool back & turf the gardens.

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    In my opinion – and I don't think too many share it – the best thing we can do to make houses more sustainable is the stuff that doesn't cost a lot:

    1. Make house a little smaller. It uses less energy to make them and they, in turn, use less energy.
    2. Site buildings to take advantage of the sun and of prevailing breezes.
    3. Build eaves and other elements that provide shade.
    4. Build higher density closer to public transport and amenities.


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