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    Hello All,

    I have decided to build two investment properties in WA through a small builder. This builder has no drafting facilities like the majors and outsources it to a local drafting company to do full designs prior to the builder doing a complete job costing.

    The draftsman has quoted me $4500 for a complete set of drawings for 2 houses (1 small 3 x 2 and 1 large 4 x 2, both single storey)

    is this an excessive cost? it doesnt seem right to me?

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    It all depends on what service he is offering. A good draftsperson is worth the money, and an average one isn't.


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    Make sure they offer a guarantee. ie: If the job is delayed due to the plans being wrong or incomplete then they should pay for the delay costs of your builder and lost of profits (rent) or additional interest costs.
    A good drafting business will/should have insurance and be more than willing to stand by their product; if not, look elsewhere.
    They should also be able to provide a materials list (with costing if possible).

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    Check with the drafts person to see if this includes everything for Development application and construction certificate. If anything like NSW it's not just plans that you'll require for a submission. Check with your council and get a list of requirement for a submission then see if/what they'll be giving you for $4500.
    I'm a designer/draftsman and the price seems to be on the high side, just make sure you are getting everything required for the submission ie. sustainability report, footings certified by structural engineer, statement of environmental effects etc. etc.

    I hope this helps

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    thank you guys.

    the service includes a full submission to the council complying with all of the caveats for the estate etc. paying a lot for very little is how business is done in Western Australia as everyone thinks that they should be on mining dollars.

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    The amount quoted, in my opinion, seems reasonable. As suggested elsewhere in this thread, it's not so much about how much you are paying, but for what. In simple terms you need to know that the builder will have all the information he or she needs to complete the building as you want it built.

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    Base from my recent experience, I too believe that's reasonable. Just make sure the fee covers every amendment to the plans. We have learned this lesson very costly as our first draft consultant charge us $1500 for every amendment requested by council.

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