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    Hi All

    Is any able to offer a recommendation for a good property manager in Ipswich QLD?

    I have been having a nightmare run with my existing manager. Should I real off a list of my complaints for your amusement:
    Put in place two different tenant in the last year who have come “highly recommended” both of which have absconded with outstanding rent.
    In both cases the property manager was very slow to issue a remedy breach notification which mean there were gaps of time not covered by insurance. The first one leaving substantial clean-up bills.
    They lowered the rent from where it was set for the last 2 year, because they said i would attract a better tenant. Thanks for that.
    They never return calls or messages.
    They charge at the top end of the market for their service which is substandard.
    They ring me-up to ask stupid questions. like the tenant is having trouble with family and cant pay rent this week – do you want to let them off or issue a remedy breach notice, and a month later, the tenant has a serious disease they cant pay the rent can I just let them out of the tenancy agreement – True story. Im not a tyrant, but i pay my rent, and the bank wont let me off the mortgage cost, my problems are mine and theirs are theirs.

    I just want out – and hopefully I can find a gun agent that will stand-up for me, can anyone HELP??

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    They really sound terrible and it doesnt seem like they are working for you.

     It is hard to find a good property manager I can suggest that when looking for one there are some good questions you can ask them before you give them your property.

    I am a property manager in Sydney and I have a close relationship with all my landlords, having that realationship and ability to be proactive with everyday issues before they become big is very important.

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    Good luck
    warm regards,

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