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    Thinking of investing in a house and land deal somewhere within 30Klm of brisbane, have been advised that Redbank Plains has some great infrastructure plans about to take place? just wondering if anyone can give there opinion regarding this suburb.

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    Hi there,

    I know this post as old, however what if you are still looking at purchasing Brisbane be careful about purchasing in Redbank Plains.

    I purchased a three-bedroom, one bathroom, single carport a hardiplank home in Redbank Plains for a great price and was able to put it straight back onto the market and get the price for it.

    However when I did my research into the area I found that it was a high rental area, that four-bedroom, two bathroom, double lock-up garage brick homes were in abundance there, were overpriced and the prices were dropping fast.

    One other thing you must realise in Redbank Plains is that you can have structural issues due to the soil type in the area.

    In you research process in relation to Redbank Plains, a tip that I can give you is seriously consider talking to real estate agents that outside of the Redbank Plains area and ask them what they think of area as you will probably get a more realistic opinion and identify common issues you need to be aware of in the area.

    Happy house hunting.

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    Hello JCB123
    There are two main areas of Redbank, the area closest to Goodna and the area closest to Springfield Lakes.
    Going anywhere near Goodna is going to cause you heartache in the IP business.
    Getting close to Redbank – Springfield, Brookwater etc. will in time make you very happy.
    Redbank – Springfield is quickly growing with the major developments that are happening in Springfield, Brookwater etc.
    Ad to this the extension of the Centenary Highway, round the back of Springfield, Augustine Heights, Redbank and you have a area, that despite it's not so squeaky clean past will outgrow it's positioning to Goodna and Collingwood Park.
    Redbank is going to be five minutes drive to the new supper town of Ripley.

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    Ripley Info –
    Ripley Info –
    Positioning of new Redbank –,152.883425&z=14&t=k&nmd=20100605

    R esearched A lliance S tock P rogram

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    Hello All,

    What’s the story with Redbank Plains QLD 4301 ?
    is there any update in terms of gentrification or the new infrastructure project in this suburb ?


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    Yes a lot has changed for the better although still pockets you would never touch.

    We buy a lot of property in the area for our forum clients but thankfully due to our agent contacts now the areas to leave well alone.


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