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    I'm embarrased to admit on a public forum that I have watched this show, but I did tonight as the forum's own Troy Harris was interviewed on there, along with John Simmonds from Aussie Home Loans, re stamp duty. I just wanted to congratulate Troy on getting his Mug on TV, and I hope it is a positive for his buisness. It will probably be on the Today Tonight Web site if anyone who missed it wants to have a look, the article was about John Simmonds getting stuck into the Government about the latest banking industry reforms.  

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    I saw it too.  But before you judge me too harshly I only watched TT because I saw the story advertised!  You can find it here

    Aussie John absoutely canes Wayne Swann.



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    Aww I missed it!! I meant to record it too! I'll go watch it now!

    Good on you Troy! You can also follow Rookie Developer on Facebook (yes it is acceptable to use Facebook! :))


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    Today Tonight ocassionally surpasses its reputation!

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    To see the title of this thread is actually frightening – I had to work out what I had done wrong!!
    When I found out it was TT that wanted me to speak I was a little cautious as I have heard they can twist a story to suit themselves & make the innocent appear guilty. However I figured they could not make me look bad versus stamp duty
    Although there was about 45 minutes of film turned into about 45 seconds (you should see the great stuff on the cutting room floor :) they didnt try to manipulate the story in any way. It was a pleasurable experience for me. They even allowed me to wear my Rookie Developer shirt & keep my sign in the background too

    While I generally dont watch the show, I too select items to watch (I actually couldn't see this one as I was out)

    Thanks Alistair for your words :)


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