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    I've been looking at buying a small 1950's place. I've had a sparky friend of mine have a look, and he says that to put in safety switches I'd have to get the mains rewired, which is fine however he mentioned there is a new law where if the supply cable goes over 25% of someone elses property then you have to get it put underground at your cost. ie a simple reconnect could cost you $20000! Depending on how the power supply company says you should do it.

    Just woundering if anyone else has had any experience with this?

    Thanks Tim

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    Hi Poss,

    yes yr sparky mate is correct

    Pole and 3 phase cabling max $2,000.00

    New board with CBs and safety devises plus rewiring the whole house not including fittings, $6,000.00 MAX

    Did one 4 years ago.

    Philip Sigglekow
    LREA author

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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