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    I am a new real estate investor. I am looking for a good real estate investment coach in Sydney. I have basic real estate investment knowledge. I am looking for a good real estate investor coach who have years of success investment experience in residential and commericial. I have private funds for good deals and would like to be partnership or learn from the investors.

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    Search for Property Secrets CEO is Paul Giezekamp. He's a coach and also finds CF+ properties for a fee. Anyone else used him before? I had a meeting and looks good to me.

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    I'm not sure about Paul, but you asking the question on this site must represent something….. When I find the perfect property or the best accountant (with fair value, I am still looking for him/her). I will know. You will also know when you find the right coach. I participated in triathlon for 15 years at a high level. You will know very quickly when your mentor/coach caters for your personality, strengths and weaknesses.

    What is the definition of a coach,

    A couple of points that come to mind:

    1. Completely transparent.
    2. A role model.
    3. Their happiness is directly correlated to your success.
    4. A coach is very generous of their time to watch you succeed.
    5. Open minded, will play with many ideas and concepts.

    How do the above five points relate to you?

    1. What does your coach stand to gain?
    2. Has your coach got a property portfolio from a tested past record (inheritance or like is not included).
    3. This speaks for itself.
    4. We all know time is money, will your coach watch the clock or charge you by the hour?
    5. Does your coach believe there are many ways to increase your wealth, as a single focus on positive geared properties may not be for you, further, it is not the only way to create wealth.

    I understand there are many  points around, "what is a coach"……..but, I think you get the drift.

    Here's a thought, Why not use three or even five coaches. The opportunity cost of using one coach could be huge……..

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    Good post,

    How about starting with a free $4,001.00 24 module full colour real estate riches program at

    Check out the web site because they are about to release 50 full colour on-line coaching systems … then when you trust some one talk about coaching … my advise is do free stuff until you become more sophisticated …

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    Hi all,

    I have to say Property Secret Paul Giezekamp charges a lot of money, and a lot of time they are not resposive.
    I called and emailed them many times and left the message, however, i hardly get any response from them.
    Often i get the response many weeks later…….  not very happy.
    They are advertising, they can complete the granny flat within 12 weeks, but they didn't tell you the loan application and process with take half year ! 
    often you will find yourself overcapitalised ( because of the fee charge and all the little unknown/unforseen items such as water tank block the entrance)

    i am one of their client and I strongly not recommending anyone to use property secret,  simply too much headache to deal with them.

    Unhappy client of property secret

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    Property Secrets appreciates your constructive feedback and we are sorry you have had a bad experience. In trying to resolve this issue and further matters, we would like to respond to you personally. Please call us on 1300 858 678 and ask to speak to Paul.

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    Wow you replied after 2 years?? yes

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    tell me about it no wonder the person doesnt want to deal with them

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    Reply after 2 years? Is not it too late? I see a bad customer service here… I am sure your client have already found a new coach. 

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    There's an elephant in the room folks.

    Can't see the sense myself in posting a query seeking a real estate investing mentor on  ??

    Steve McKnight has a number of programs accessible through this his own website, elephants in the room.

    Suggest you check them out, we benegited hugely from RESULTS and others.

    Check it out.



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    Coach sounds so much better than over paid consultant.

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