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    I'm having huge problems with my property manager in Wagga Wagga. Does anyone know of a good manager there?

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    I just stumbled on your thread now. i've been looking for a PM myself too at Wagga, and as I read, people suggest The Professionals having a good reputation.

    May I know with whom company is your PM?

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    I was using Ray White and wasn't overly impressed. They've since been bought out by PRD and the service levels have improved.

    Hope that helps.


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    I would be ringing the agents as a potential tenant to see whether they return your calls, what advice they give you etc. Because how they do these things is a pretty good indicator of how well they will first of all veto unsuitable tenants, how they will promote your property to potential tenants as well as what info they give to potential tenants.

    i have heard of Pms telling tenants that the owner doesn't want pets 'but what they don't know won't hurt them' etc.

    good luck


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    I dealt with Elders Breust, cnr Edwards & Fitzhardinge Sts. Mary Fitzgerald was an excellent PM – then she moved over to sales, but should be able to introduce you to the right person.
    Good luck

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