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    There is a town in west Victoria called Peterborough. This town has had a history of anti development towards sub divisions.
    However a caravan park is being carved up in this town as the new owners are not interested in running a caravan park.
    This is a once in a life time event as the locals are anti development yet a sub division is occurring and the rest of the land on the coast is national park.
    Once the first stage is sold the second stage will be released but be careful with lot 26 as a soil test could be required.
    There are only two stages.
    How do I know this because I spent 4 days at the caravan park that is being carved up and used to live in the area.

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    I really can't relate that much about your concern. I'm just wondering why you post it here? I mean, isn't this suppose to be like a general chit-chat room or something like that?.. Correct me if I'm wrong…

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    I am not concerned at all.
    I do not care if no one takes a closer look at this sub division or does. Its information that someone may find useful.
    I am very familiar with the background of this area so I know it is a once in a life time sub division.
    They will most likely not be allowed in the future to release any more land via sub dividing the national park or even sub dividing the last remaining sole caravan park in Peterborough.

    I probably see things from a different prospective to you
    I see the situation occurring like this 

    a future lack of a resource (land)  = future increasing land value
    basic economic  theory
    Demand is greater than Supply thus increasing the value of the item

    This forum topic is labeled as heads up

    give somebody a heads up
    is an idiom that has the following meaning.

    to give someone information or a warning.

    If I was concerned about it  I would have posted it in opinionated but it is a non changeable event so why worry about it when you could possibly profit from it or have a nice quiet retirement place if you are an older baby boomer investor looking to retire .

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