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    crashy wrote:
    funny how 2 newbies with 3 & 7 posts are preaching how wonderful aussie rob is….

    please dont insult our intelligence!

    I suppose Pat Mesiti, Donald Trump, and Steve McKnight are also insulting your intelligence?

    And you with 761 posts should share the stage with Steve McKnight next time, so we can hear how great you are.

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    This is not worth it and there used to be bits and pieces about in a few trading sites but they seem to disappear and be sanitised very quickly, would appear there is a staff member whose job it is to check for and delete any bad press.  The licensees aka shanes388  (i.e. Shane Stenhouse – try a google search) get a lot of money from the unlucky punters so of course they are going to say it works. 
    The spiel used to say 80% accuracy on winning trades shown seems this was proved wrong and has changed, there never was a mention of risk management was just money back guarantee but you had to paper trade it all, only thing is if you are gonna make it you soon realise you cant trade it all, in reality no one has a pot that big.   . 
    From experience – I would advise don't buy and If anyone has brought it and is paying it off cancel your credit card and get a newie, credit cards protect you against fraud and they wont chase money for something that was sold to you with fraudulent claims about it's results.  So there is education about risk included now?, never used to be was just trade it all.   The claims seem to chop and change to suit the environment.   as things get picked up by the unwary users.

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    Any goss on aussie ROB is it working or not?

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