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    Hi All,

    I'm in the process of searching for a sub-dividable property in regional WA.  My plan is to buy a place that has a house at the front of the property which I can renovate and rent out.  I then plan to subdivide the block and build a property at the rear and then rent or sell this property.  However, as I haven't had much experience with subdivision I was hoping I could get some confirmation of the steps and processes involved.

    "scottnomates" – if you read this perhaps you could respond as well, u seem to know what your talking about:)

    Okay, here goes – I'll try and document the steps I know of – if you have any other advice or knowledge please let me know.  I hope to then draft an complete step by step process which I would be more than happy to post once complete:)

    Steps for sub division

    1. Locate a property that has a block size that is over 1000sqm and zoning of R20. (The properties which are of interested are 1012sqm in size.)

    2. Make sure the property has deep sewerage, gas and electric?  (I assume this will be the case if there is a property already on the block)

    3. Contact the town planner of the local council to confirm the property can be sub divided.  Is this usually a simple process – eg, just a phone conversation?  Is there some type of formal documentation you can seek to confirm the property is suitable for subdivision?  The last thing I would want to do is purchase a property which I can’t subdivide after being told I could.

    4. Purchase the block.  Is there any “subject to’s” I should include in the contract?

    5. Decide on sub division layout;

    – Dual Street Access (Suitable for a block with rear access)

    – Side by side

    – Battle Axe house at the rear of the block (side access required)

    – Corner block

    If you have the option, which would be the best layout to go for?  Eg, less costly?

    6. Decide on a sub division type;

    This is what I'm not quite sure on.  Can anyone explain the different types of sub division?  I'm aware or freehold, strata or survey-strata.  Is freehold the same as green title? 

    Ideally I would like to end up with two titles so I can sell off the back block if required – therefore I’m assuming freehold is the better option?

    7. Contact a Surveyor 

    I'm in the understanding that a surveyor is required for the subdivision application.  Can anyone explain what the surveyor does, costs etc?  Is it the surveyor that draws up the subdivision plans?

    8.  Submit the application

    As the property is located in WA I assume all applications go through WAPC

    Does anyone know which application I would submit if I was to apply for a freehold subdivision?  Would it be Application form 1A on the following page –

    Do any applications go through the local council aswell?

    9.  Wait for approval

    Does anyone know how long it usually takes in regional WA for such applications to go through?

    Okay – that’s what I have so far.  If anyone could address my questions, or provide any other additional information to define each step in this process that will be much appreciated:)

    Thanks all


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    I want to try this myself locally. Its scary though :)

    Some great buys at the moment.

    I wish I was cashed up a bit better.

    Good luck I will be interested to follow this thread.


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