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    Hi Peeps,

    Am interested in people's opinions on this, mainly because there seem to be a lot of naysayers about the people who've written the books I've read on my (albeit short) investing journey.

    Most of the books I've read have been written by the following people –

    and those 2 australian accountant guys whose names elude me right now.

    I have found these books to be nothing short of invaluable. All of them.

    NOT because I've ever thought the any of them are 'Bibles' to be followed word for word but because I've always had the attitude that if I take 1 thing from all of them then the book has been worth the $30 or whatever it cost.

    The Rich Dad Poor Dad series changed the way I looked at money – how it works and gets transferred from one person to another and to the benefits of setting up my own company. It also taught me the "Me working is making someone else rich' philosophy.

    The DeRoos books have taught me that there are a myriad of opportunities out there that a lot of people don't recognise. That the profit is made when the contract is signed a lot of the time.

    McKnight taught me that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    Renton is more factual, accounting based information, as are the 2 accountant guys.

    My point is this…

    Who actually cares if 'Rich Dad' existed or not. Or if 'Wraps' aren't conventional wisdom. Or if you can't increase the value of a property by x million % just by painting it. Take minimum 1 thing from each book and apply it to your own circumstances.

    Am I the only one with this attitude?

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    You basically just answered your own question, lol

    And no, of course they are not bibles,  None of the men in those books are perfect,  And no one should take there literature that way either

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    If I had to recommend one author…it would be Steve.
    Most thorough, best layout, top information.

    But ultimately you have to find your own niche. The authors can only tell you what works and what the issues are.
    What works for each of us…well that's another thing. I remember Steve saying that success in real estate
    comes down to the skill of the investor.

    Best to skill up, I guess!


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    I read most of the books you mention apart from deRoos and may look that up… I also liked Michael Yardney’s “how to build a mutli-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time” as it is a good summary of a growth strategy.

    How have you combined the knowledge from these books into you own strategy??

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