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    Hi all

    I'm on the hunt for a 2br unit in Cairns for my sister-in-law.  Can anyone out there who is familiar with the Cairns market help me out with:

    –  are there any areas to beware of?  A lot of the cheaper units seem to be in Manoora, Manunda, Woree and Westpoint.  What are these areas like?
    –  are the units on the market reflecting the drop in demand or are they still asking too much? 
    –  I am seeing quite a few units on the market for about the $140 – $160,000 mark.  Generally speaking, what would the quality be like?

    I would be grateful for any information.  I don't know the Cairns market at all and don't have the energy to start researching a whole new market.



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    These people currently have a developer who wants to sell units in Cairns
    Might be worth registering on their email mailing list
    Not sure if selling at market price as not from Queensland.

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