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    I want to sell my Investment Property so I asked the bank for a pay out figure which to my shock was over $24,000!

    The majority of this figure is due to a large percentage of the loan being fixed. The fixed rate runs out in dec 2011. i feel that i have made a terrible mistake fixing my loan over a year ago when rates were rising.

    If i decide to sell than i will hardly be making any profit on the deal.

    I would really appreciate some advice on the best way to deal with these break costs or if anyone knows a way around having to pay them.

    Also are there any tax benefits involved with paying the break costs.

    Once again any help will be much appreciated as im really not sure what to do.


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    Maybe you should revisit your reasons for selling?

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    You wont convince the lender to waive these as they are his economic cost of repaying the loan.

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    If you sell your home your mortgage will be released WITHOUT COSTS.
    Even if you had 20% interest rates, selling the house will NOT cost you a dime.

    Well.. unless you signed with a dodgy bank or signed a dodgy contract.

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