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    Hey everyone, i have posted a similar request before only to get negative replies but after reading alot of the other posts i noticed there are alot of people out there willing to help and answer questions which is what i thought was the whole point of this site to help one and other.
    I am 30 years old and from melbourne and for years i have wanted to get into property investing and to have brothers and sisters and friends to say im crazy its impossible to do give up so when i was 21 i took there advise and gave up,but the other day my parents asked me wy i lost the confidence in doing what i dreamed and i explained it to them they basicly in words told me how stupid i was for taking the adivse from everyone else and explianed what i could have had now i am so glad we had that convosation because they are so right and as another fellow poster informed me i am already one step ahead of all my mates brothers and sisters because i am on here getting help doing the research and my parents have given me my wife and kids a amazing opertunity to help my plans come true as they have a 2 storey house they have offered for us to live there and rent our 2 bedroom unit out to get our portfolio of the ground and head to a happy life.
    the reason i am posting this is because im not sure how to go about it all or even investing as yet as i am new to the game and i hope to get it right the first time,i am looking for someone who can mentor me or just with advise either meet up if your from melb or via emails if your from interstate i am easy i will be just very greatful for your time and effort in your help i really just need to rack somebodys brain and knowlege so and can learn and maybe help someone new to the game once i am succsessful thankyou for reading this i hope you can help kev.

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    Hi Kev2008

    I reside in Sydney and now own 4 properties.  Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions [email protected].

    Have you read a book "Retire Young Retire Rich" from Rich Dad Poor Dad series.  I strongly recommend if you have not yet done so.  Getting rich starts from your mind "Leverage of mind".  And keep on reading property articles to increase your education.  The first step is always hard, but after that you will do fine.

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    Read as many property investing books as you can get your hands on. Why ? Because books are cheap compared to doing courses. You need to have a well balanced view so that you can decide what strategy best suits your circumstances and also to give you a shield against the negative comments you will get from others. Also if you can control yourself you are better not telling unlike minded people what you are doing as you will get negative comments that will poison your mind unless you are a butt head like I am. You have to have an uncompromising belief that anything is possible.
    People do not mean to poison your mind it is just that they let fear rule their lives and hold them back and you will not fit the norm when you do take a risk and do not let fear control your mind.

    Also a good inspiration is to surround yourself with like minded people who are doing it !

    Monday 6 October – DEVELOPMENT SPECIAL – Like the reno special in August, we will be joined by members of our group who will share their knowledge of developing

    6.30pm onwards for 7.00pm start sharp

    $20.00 entry

    New Hope Baptist Church Community Events Room – Cnr Middleborough & Springfield Rds, Nth Blackburn, Victoria

    Get on their newsletter email list.

    Plus you will learn heaps.

    At my gym they have this on the wall
    Success is achieved by holding on when other have given up and let go.

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    Hi Kev

    Here are a few more tips that may help…

    • Develop the Right Mindset – and always start with the end in mind
    • Invest in your knowledge first – learn as much as you can about Real Estate Investing
    • Avoid "Analysis Paralysis" – eventually you have to Take Action and have a go to get results
    • Find a strategy that's a good fit for you – there can be significant risks involved if you don’t know what you're doing
    • Make sure you enjoy real estate investing  – if you're passionate about what you're doing then you won't mind putting in the time and effort
    • Start small while you're learning – grow as your knowledge and experience grows, starting small can avoid costly mistakes later
    • Have a great team of advisors on board – create a knowledgeable and experienced team of advisors around you
    • Have faith in yourself – believe in yourself and don't stress over the small stuff

    Wishing you much success!

    Adrian and Amber Zenere | REDDreport | REDpodcasts | REDchannel | REDitunes

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