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    Hi All,

    Just wondering whether there is generally a cost associated for a real estate agent to come out to your place and inspect the prop. for rental appraisal


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    If it's for the purpose of potentially engaging them to manage the property I would not be paying for the service. Alternatively, do the research yourself on the web, I often find this brings me to the same conclusion as the PM.

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    Agents will generally not charge to come out for an appraisal, especially if they think that they may score a 'management' or 'sundry letting' out of it. If need be, get 2 local agents – those that you feel are the most active in the area (biggest rent rolls). They will give you some consructive criticism (may need painting, tidying up, minor maintenance etc) to ensure that you achieve top dollar for the property, they should be able to give you a fair idea of price based on what they have recently achieved – get them to give you specifics as to where and when they achieved $$. Steer clear of any agency who has a young/inexperienced property manager unless you know that they are quite capable.

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    Hi Kenzel

    You definitely shouldn't be charged.

    It's always interesting to get 3-4 different appraisals and to see how they differ. 

    Even if you are planning on managing the house yourself you should still get multiple appraisals. 

    Make the real estate agents earn their money :)



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    I have never heard of an agent charging to do a rental appraisal. 

    If an agent is suggesting that you pay for them to come out and have a look then run the other way.



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