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    Hi Everyone,

    i want to ask you guys 2 questions please suggest what is good to do.

    1. I want to install evaporative cooling in PPOR and wondering which brand to choose. can you guys please advise what brand you have and if any problems you have encountered with them, so that have ideas and basics about them.

    2. I also want to add value in the PPOR like via getting a pergola installed, changing the carpet to tiles in family area and rumpus  and having a deck or BBQ area in the house its a bit of a long term plan say next yr or 2 as i am not yet ready to invest anywhere. What you guys think will that add anything?

    oh yes, I am based in melbourne.

    Thanks for your input. 

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    The only problem I had with evaporative cooling was initially my ignorance on how it works.  We were closing up the house as you would with aircon,  which was exactly wrong.  You need to crack open a few windows to maintain airflow and stop humidity rising.   Brands I dont know as we dont have it anymore.

    The renos would add attractiveness or sale-ability to the house if well done.   Adding value?   hard to say,  depends on your place and your area.

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    I have a Bonaire evaporative cooler in the house I am living in and am happy with it. It doesn't work on humid days but it is cheap to run compared to refrigerated  a/c. It has a fresh air option that I have found useful when a cool change does arrive as it pumps the cool change straight into the house. It also self cleans and drains the water tank when not in use for long periods of time. As stated above the more doors opened inside the house and windows all opened the better it works. Also if you close a door and all the windows in a room you could blow out the window from the air pressure building up in the room.

    On value, look at other properties for sale in the area that have such features on similar sized houses.

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    If the property is in a coastal/humid area – forget about it (water evaporates more slowly in a hmid environment). If you are away from the coast (the manufacturers have charts to indicate the best locations for evap cooling).

    Yes they are cheap to run, they are simple so quality does not vary much brand to brand (unit is comprised of a rotary fan (drum), straw filters and a drip tray). Quality varies once you are talking about the larger commercial units.

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    Thanks for the inputs guys.
    I am tossing up between 2 brands after getting some quotes now Bonaire or Brivis.

    Duckster, can you please advise what is noise level for Bonaire as someone at my workplace (who doesnt have it) advised that its too noisy even neighbours hear it when its running.

    Thanks again.

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    Hey, as posted earlier evaporative cooling is much cheaper to run as compared to an aircon. I have a brivis and it runs fantastic. No noise, self cleaning and yeah… remember to have some windows open whilst using it.

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    The neigbour over the back fence has a new evap cooler on his roof. It makes a hell of a racket, much, much louder than the split aircons. Hate to think what it'd be like if it were only a few meters away.

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    The last evap system I used was a new bonaire – and it was ok as far as noise goes, and could be almost silent. Bear in mind there is a difference between the 'drum ' type, and the 'blade' type. I think the drum is better, quiter, and more effective. Obv if running flat chat they will all be noisy. Cheers

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    We have family in Melbourne with evaporative air con (and use it properly, with windows ajar etc).
    We're there after Christmas every year, sweating and stifling…… evaproative is OK if its NOT very hot or very humid.
    When do you need air con?……. When its very hot or very humid!

    Regarding property inprovements, I gather you're hoping to add perceived value, get it re-valued for future purpose of investing against. 
    Easy to do in a rising property market, but not really now, in my opinion.
    The best thing, if you're keen to invest, is to budget carefully, pay more off your mortgage, and NOT spend $$ on your PPOR.
    That way, you can afford to get into the investing market earlier.
    Floor coverings are unlikely to boost your house value, a deck may do. But like I said, better to invest in an investment, not in your PPOR which as Kiyosaki says, is a liability not an assett. (On the basis it costs you eg rates, bills, and does not give you income.)

    The more of our income we spend on lifestyle (including home improvements), the less we have to invest with.
    A bit of a delay now will be worth it in the long run! (It is, believe me!)

    good luck with your investing.


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