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    I'm a local NZ property investor and finder in the Hawke's Bay (Napier & Hastings), NZ.  With mortgagee auctions and the “desperate vendor” market heating up, I am finding many good family homes in good areas of Hastings and Napier are selling 15% to 20% or more below valuation, and as such, offer a great opportunity to cashed up investors. As such, the properties I am currently finding are ideal as Lease Options, simply because this is a great way to create positive cashflow in the current market.

    All my deals have a minimum $30,000 spread between buy price and the on sell price to the tenant buyer. The type of properties I am focusing on are 3- and 4- bedroom family homes with a garage, fenced, and under $300K. I also get the occasional 2-bedroom property suitable for single mums wanting to get their foot into property ownership.   The usual term of purchase is 3 years.

    If you are interested in purchasing or JV-ing any of these properties, contact me!  I can't do 'em all myself ;-)


    If you already have rental properties in New Zealand and are tired of vacancies, damage, poor property management, or having to financially prop up your investment every month, then very likely I can make it cashflow positive for you by finding you a nice tenant buyer family. 

    One of the great things about having a tenant buyer in your property is that they will look after the home and treat it like their own, so you drastically reduce the possibility of damage to the property.  And, of course with this system, you won’t need a property manager.

    Vicky Harris

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