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    Hi im looking to refinance soon and beleive that my new lender will want to value my properties.  Are there any tips on getting the highest possible valuation?  What are they mainly looking for in a valuation?

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    it depends what the houses are like in the first place.

    they already know what it was like when you bought it.

    So appart from market appreciation try adding things like air-con, patios, new paint

    to a lesser degree gardens

    these things dont cost to much to do but can add alot more in percieved value

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    please help me with a few questions, i'm a property portfolio planner in  south africa for a company called, it is my work to see that the clients in our company purchase as many property in the clients Investment Trust as possible without getting to the point that they need to borrow money for bread and milk, i also do the finance applications that go to the bank for the hone loan.
    now as everybody knows South Africa is not a nice place to stay in any more and i need to get my family out of here, are there a company that does the same kind of service as i'm doing currently here in SA?
    if there is how can i contact them?
    does my line of work/ service fall under Aus's skilled employment immigration?
    is there companies in Aus that will sponser me/ family to immegrate to Aus?

    thank you

    Ferdi Botha
    Pretoria SA

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    You should speak to an agent specialising in immigration into Australia….I know that sounds obvious but get the info from the right source is my advice.

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    In regards to the first question: I wouldn't get a bank evaluation, they have a tendency to grossly undervalue. I would get an independent valuation from a company that is on your banks list or approved valuers.

    Years ago I had a bank valuation that was 25% LESS than the independant valuation.

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