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    Is Lilydale topping just a crushed aggregate or does it have some sort of stabiliser in it (cement?) to stop it spreading.

    Does anyone know the name of (what I know it as) "poor mans concrete". A crushed aggregate with cement so that after laying and watering in, it is a stable base.

    What sort of prices would we expect to pay for either?


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    as far as I no Lilydale topping has no added cement or other herbs and spices, it compacts well in its basic form

    never heard of poor mans cement.  We use 14mm screenings (blue metal in NSW) and have found that it compacts down very hard under car traffic and quite well elsewhere in a month or two.  We have this stuff as a long driveway and have never felt the need to bind it together with additional stuff.  Spread seems minimal  i.e. cant remember raking gravel in the last 12 months.

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    Thanks yarpos. Will get the blue metal

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    Lilydale topping is fine aggregate with clays and plenty of lime in it which cement is made from. The name originated from the Mitchell Limil Quarry in Lilydale Victoria. It is a waste bi-product in the process. I believe you can buy it by the 6m3 load directly from the quarry at a discount but youd have to be topping a large area to warrant this.

    Poor mans concrete is simply stabilised rock. You can also buy stabilised sand. these are rock or sand aggregates with cement added. Get them from your local concrete plant.


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    Very interseting Winzer.

    I had no idea it actually originated in Lilydale!

    All i know is that if you dont 'roll it' or use a 'wacker' to compress the topping it will end up everywhere if it rains!

    I learnt the hard way :(


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    I don’t believe Lilydale topping is available anymore, does anyone still use it?

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