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    Hello there property gurus,

    Myself and my wife are currently renovating our own home and have done most of the interior and would like to get advise on going green or at least reducing our "carbon footprint" by adding a 2kw solar system to our house. I am wondering if this addition is likely to add value to the property or is it a waste of time from a value adding perspective? Any advise, opinion or experience will be appreciated.


    Michael Smith

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    Solar electric panels are a waste of time,…. They are expensive and take up to 20years to pay for them selves.

    If you wish to use solar energy, then its best to use it in the form of a solar hot water system,… it's cheaper and collects more energy.

    A  1m x 1m solar hot water panel will heat a hot water tank in about 2hours,…. it would take a 1m x 1m electric panel all day to collect enough energy to heat that volume of water.

    If you you want to invest some money to lower energy costs I suggest putting in a solar hotwater system and convert your car to LPG,…. these two things pay for them selves very quickly and will lower your total energy bill by up to 40%.

    Check out your electricty bill,…. you are probally paying about 12cents per kw of electricity,….. so weigh up the cost of the 2k/w syetem and see if it is worth it to save 24cents a day,….. you could save 24 cents a day just by turning your lights off when you leave the room and take shorter showers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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