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    Seem to be a lot of property opportunities in Horsham.

    The smaller country towns surrounding the area seem to be dying and people are moving There. Their are now FIVE supermarkets and plenty of developments going on.

    Their is mining near by and I know a chap who buys houses for 100k puts cheap furniture in and rents them for $400 pw.

    One guy did this group self build thing. You need to not own a property in your name and have less than 15k in assets. Basically you give up your weekends for a year and build 12 houses with 11 other people. You pay $110k for materials plus $40k for the land. The house is worth $250k at the end. Where else can you earn $100k working weekends AND learn valuable skills AND get the satisfaction of doing something productive AND get capital growth because this place is going to boom if they keep finding gold and the sand mine keeps pumping. Let alone the other things the town has going for it like for example being close to the Grampians.

    What are your thoughts forumites?

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    Hi, interesting & in fact, I'd be interested to know more.

    I like Horsham. Sounds like a one horse town but it's a place I really like. Know it only from stops driving between Adelaide & Melbourne.

    Anyone else knows anything?

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    I see the rent's on to be $125pw for:
    This three bedroom home features: BIR's in all bedrooms, open plan living with gas heating & evaporative cooling, neat kitchen adjoining a dining area with outside access, modern bathroom and outside a garden shed & single carport.

    Not really +CF in my book.

    Towns 30km out with population of 1000 have 10 rental properties listed … not a good sign for the area

    Just my opinion and should not be concidered advice.


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    I am talking about properties that are FURNISHED. Their are three in the entire town yet everyone wants to rent them. I paid $330 a night for one.  The house was worth $100k and the furniture 2k.

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