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    I am looking for a house/townhouse/unit in VIC for around 300K. No flat/apartment. I like to have no one live above or beneath me. Though I like it to be in 10Km radius from Melbourne CBD. Is such property still exist? Which suburbs I should be paying more attention to? Or what alternative I should be looking at?

    Maybe some links from for me to look at would be appreciated.



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    Hi – I think that would be a hard task, maybe a bedsit? Cheers

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    $300k will score you a 2 bed villa around Doncaster (about 20km).

    You may have to lower your standards and go for a unit.

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    Trying looking in the inner west. That would be your best bet given your budget to live within 10km from the CBD

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    Hi Blaze,

    I think you would have to look west if you want that price within 10kms of the CBD. Maybe Altona, or some parts of Footscray and the surrounding suburbs you might get a town house or villa unit for somewhere around $300k. You would have to go a long way east or south of the city to find townhouses for that price.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    In terms of investment – growth. Which one is better? A house in west suburb (Sunshine) or an apartment in east suburb (Hawthorn). I'll give some concrete examples:

    Sunshine house:


    Hawthorn apartment:

    What do you think?

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    You may want to check out  Ivanhoe, you can still find ground level self contained 2 bedroom units, with a small garden on title in a group of 6 for about 280K.
    May need some work but a good entry into the market. and like having a small house.

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