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    Has any one had any dealings with a group called Positive Real Estate? I first heard of them via the API magazine and have looked up their website:

    Any advice in regards to experiences that anyone has had or have heard in relation to their service would be appreciated.

    They claim to provide the following service:

    Positive Real Estate is the leading real estate agency for Investors. Originally starting off as a buyer’s agency in early 2003, we specialized in locating positive cash flow properties throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Positive Real Estate came into existence through the need that investors have to not only find information on the properties they are looking to purchase, but the need to locate them as well.

    We work within the Australian and New Zealand property markets to locate properties that offer high rental or capital yields at a low entry point, allowing you to maximise the growth of your property portfolio without reducing your serviceability.

    Standard real estate agents don’t provide the documentation and research required to make an informed decision regarding an investment property. It’s important you know your numbers when considering a property investment. We compile a Property Summary for each property listed on our site that contains detailed information on:

    • Rental Assessments
    • Expenses
    • Occupancy Rates
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Capital Growth Statistics
    • Local Demographics
    • Maps & Pictures

    We use the services of the industry experts such as Residex, RP Data and Home Price Guide to source our property statistics. These details are not traditionally available on real estate websites when investors look to purchase a property. Positive Real Estate gives you all that and more.

    We work to locate opportunities that show true value to investors. All of the properties listed on our website meet our strict financial criteria. We pre-negotiate the purchase price of our properties, meaning that we have already done a lot of the hard work for you in securing the property at a good price with terms that favour you as an investor.

    Positive Real Estate should be your first point of contact for all property investing needs


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    A finder's fee of $9,000 + GST on a property costing $340k, that looks like a dump?

    The next one was $10k. I'm in the wrong business it seems.

    Look, you are paying these clowns huge money for you to be lazy.

    There is no mention of where these places are. They could be in the back of Bourke, with no cap growth.

    Do your own research and find your own deals.

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    I'm a subscriber to their alert service. It's interesting, but I doubt I will renew. In spite of their advertising, only a minority of their properties are cash flow positive. Some are though, even after the finders fee but haven't met my other buying criteria. Most are cash flow negative or neutral at best, but at a discount to market.

    Needless to say, I haven't bought anything through them yet.

    They provide a reasonable amount of detail about the properties, including cash flow analysis. I've found their cost analysis a bit hopeful in some cases, which tends to make the properties a little more cash flow negative than stated.

    They are RE's who at least know what CF+ properties are, but they still have to run a business, and they are still RE's.

    I don't think there is any substitute for your own hard work in this game.


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    Thanks Daedalus,

    I appreciate your feedback as I was interested in other peoples experiences with this group.  I myself have not used them but was interested in if they were able to deliver what they say they can.


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    Any group who flog so called positive cashflow in second rate country areas I would be weary of. Uless the returns are huge why would you buy anything without capital growth.

    There deals return 8-10% big deal you are paying 8.8% for finance without much in the way of capital growth. Also does the return take into account there Finders fee.

    You would be far better looking elsewhere.

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    There is no such thing as positive real estate. It depends upon you whether you consider it positive or negative. According to me, real estate is the most booming sector and positive sector. You just have to be calm and patient during this real estate process. You have to choose carefully the location, surroundings of the property and invest accordingly. And just stop for a few years. Property prices will rise and so your investment and ROI. For this, you can consult a real estate agent who has a great and wealthy background in this market.

    Ricky | Naval Aulakh Real Estate Agent

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