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    Hi Everyone,

    I am considering to rent out my PPoR, and move into a rental property myself. As this will be my first time to rent out property please advise that what things i should consider and should know as an owner. What questions i should ask the REA and how should i go about getting my property ready to be rented out. Do i need to add some extra features like roller doors for garage and dishwasher to get more rent.

    Please advise.


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    Come on guys keep the suggestions coming…..

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    Hi Ptialv,
    1. have a min of 3 agents look at the property and give you their advise on weekly rent.
    2. check out, and the local paper and compare for your self (this is a landlords most powerful tool today being able to really compare and not just take an agents word)
    3. Go over with you agent what they are doing for you as your property manager
        3.1 look at what they are charging for rent collection and management fee
           .2 look at the postage and petties  if your happy to have your statements sent via email in structure them that's how you want it sent (save you about $ 20 per year maybe more depending on the agent)
    4. when it comes to the tenant selection ask them what database they use to search the tenants on
    5. at the end of the day a agent can't protect you against every thing so take out Landlords insurance depending on where your property is the good ones are all less than $330 bucks per year.
    6. 1/4 inspections ask them if they take photos
    7. maintenance  do they charge a premium for overseeing this, and are they in bed with a maintenance company (this can work for you and against you as trades people are hard to get and sometimes come with a premium).
    8. marketing and let fees what do they charge
    9. can you see a copy of there lease and add an special conditions you may have, pets, smoking that sort of thing
    10. if you want them to pay things like rates, insurance make sure you add those to the appointment to act so there is no misunderstandings.

    hope this helps it is king of a rough overview, if your looking for agents send me a PM with your properties location and I'll give you some of my clients in that area.

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