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    Hi all
    just wondering by law do refurbished properties have any warranties? I was told a new property comes with 7 years warranty but not sure with refurbished properties….

    any help much appreciated

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    check if renovator has taken out Builders Liability insurance for the work done.

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    Each State is different on how many years of warranty would be afforded. If the renovator was an owner occupier or a landlord, and the repairs didn't involve structrual work I would doubt you have anything to work with. If there was structural work but it was done without a permit then there will be no warranty unless it was done for an owner occupier; in this case the owner occupier has to take out a pro-rata warranty insurance policy for the remainder of the waranty period. If a landlord has done the work by themselves then you also may not have any recourse as many of them would not know (and probably would not want to know) the requirements for contracts, warranty insurance etc. You should also know that the duration of the warranty does not apply to every facet of the works; there are limited warranties for certain things. Many flooring are only covered for a couple of years, paintwork is only covered for a short amount of time etc – not everything has a blanket 7 year coverage. The standards and tolerances also change to reflect building practices, so work that was done 5 years ago that may have been covered for a full 7 years, may have been altered since then and may only be covered now for a couple of years. 

    As there are so many variables you would need to know –  What was the exact nature of the work done? When was it done? Who done it? What State? I may be able to help you out if you let me know soon? Otherwise I'm off to Darwin for the school Hols. 

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    Awesome answer Julie. Thanks for taking the time to make the post.

    As I understand it, renos don’t carry warranty protection but anthing that requires a building permit probably does, particularly if it is structural.

    In Vic, I’m told that renos greater than $5k require a building permit, and so I would imagine the builder would require insurance of some sort.

    Clearly, any electical or plumbing work should be carried out by the appropriately qualified person and come with a certificate of compliance. In this case, they would have insurance to cover their work.

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    Thanks for your help Julie.
    I asked that question cos i got a call from a friend of mine who is an agent. he said a developer will launch a new project close to Sydney's CBD, with apartments that are totally refurbished. it has already been done. the price looks not-too-bad but just not sure about the warranty thing.


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