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    Hi Steve

    Please tell us more about you first commercial property investment
    Did you buy it in a company name ?
    Did you need an ABN ?
    Did you register for GST to claim back the GST portion of your tenants rent ?
    Is the rent calculated on a per annum basis with an option to renew ?
    Did you use a lawyer to draw up the lease ?
    Did you use an option contract ?
    Is the rent calculated on the number of square meters available to let ?
    How is your loan structured and with whom ?
    What LVR did you require to avoid mortgage insurance ?

    Why have you ventured into this type of investment ?

    Corey Thompson

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    Hi Corey,

    Lots of questions here – what I plan to do is address them in the next newsletter that I write.

    However, for the time being I can say that there is a pre-GST lease in place until 2004.

    I have purchased the property in a trust / company structure, which is registered for GST.

    Loan is with the NAB based on either 70% or 80%LVR (still negotiating).

    I have gone into commercial real estate as it seems like the next logical progression for David and I in our investing pursuits. Yields are good and the competition for residential properties is making it harder and harder to find great deals.


    Steve McKnight

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Hi Steve
    Thanks for the great site.
    I am curious to know more about commercial property investment too. Is there an 11 second type rule you can use and what other tools do you recommend for evaluating a deal?

    Will you be doing a general description of how commercial property investing differs from residential, and what to look for in a deal?

    Thanks mate

    kind regards


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    I get the impression that commercial property is quite a different animal to residential so I’ll be looking forward to the next newsletter Steve. [;)]

    Chris B

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