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    Welcome to the PropertyInvesting.Com community forum.

    You are very welcome to make posts and even more welcome to reply and contribute your thoughts.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a property investing genius – or even someone who is still learning, your input is very welcome.

    In fact, I encourage you to make posts, as contributing is a valuable way to confirm and challenge your own investing perspective.

    Don’t be shy… make a post today.

    Want access but can’t get in?

    Obtaining the ability to post is easy. Just join the Property Investing.Com community, which is free, by subscribing to the free newsletter (click on the ‘NEWSLETTER’ button on the top left of the page).

    Free Plug!

    Oh, and just a reminder, you are welcome to add a signature to the bottom of your posts that plug a product or service, but please, no direct soliciting and definitely no unsolicitored spamming – please respect the nature of the forum and the integrity of the communtity.

    Best wishes and I hope to see, read and reply to many posts in the near future.


    Steve McKnight

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