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    We haven’t completed our 05/06 tax return and i feel like we’re the only ones in the world to have not finished it!

    We’re almost there but its just a nightmare because we didn’t have such great record keeping skills back then!

    Anyone not finished their’s either??

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    Trust me you’re not alone, but as long as you’re registered with a tax agent then don’t panic. As we usually have a tax bill I delay doing our tax for as long as I can.

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    Yeah not to worry, they’ll find you when they want to so just sit back and relax.

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    I hope they can't find you.Good luck for you .

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    Bah, what's the rush.  I like to have my appointment with my accountant in Oct/Nov so I can be sure I have all the statements I needs from managed funds etc. 

    Another bonus is you then get your refund around Xmas.  Presents for all!  lol.

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