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    Hi – Would appreciate sound advice/options and/or recommendations on creative solutions to acquire investment property(s) with the use of $250,000 AUD cash from an inheritence distribution – Thank you in advance

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    Like you, this is my first Forum posting in this environment.

    Can I suggest as a response to your question about developing that you use the $250k as an entry point. A`place to start – if you like.

    There are finance Brokers around that would jump at the chance to give you m oney to fund the rest of a project.

    Here in Perth we have triplex site for around $500k and the building of three units would cost you around $150k each of another $500k circa.

    Run these numbers past one of the Coaches in this Forum and see if they stack up.

    Additionally ask others if they want to do a Joint Venture with you putting in your $250k cash as your part of the deal. Find someone with some runs on the board.

    Kobe888, I hope that my brief comments assist you take this opportunity further.

    Jeff Miles
    Perth – WA

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    Thanks Jeff for the feedback – Cheers Kobe

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    Hi Kobe
    I agree with Jeff there are always people like me who are looking for money partners / JV partners to do deals with.
    I guess it depends on how much experience you ahve with doing deals, ie whether you might be looking to partner with someone who has the experience you may not have or whether you are looking to do deals on your own. The first step would be to define what you are trying to achieve with that cash, then work out the best strategies to go forward with.
    Warm Regards
    Adelaide SA

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    Hi kobe888,
    I think you need to do a goal setting workshop. What do you want to do with $250k? What kind of returns do you want and then determine the best vehicle (property, shares, options, etc.) for achieving it. With that kind of capital you should look at diversifying a bit and include investments in shares/funds as well.
    With regards to investments in properties, what do you want to achieve – capital growth or cashflow? The type of assets you buy will depend on your investment goals.
    Hope this helps.

    Sanjiv Gupta

    “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

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    HI Kobe 888 before adventuring into any joint venture I would suggest that you seek legal advice. It may also pay to find a good financial adviser and Mortgage Broker

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    My advice is to focus on investing on property types and locations that have strong appreciation potential. Unless you know very well the market you are investing, I would suggest consulting the leading real estate agencies in your market to get sound advice as to what property types and submarkets are experiencing price/rent increases and whether the demand/supply fundamentals and vacancy rates favor continuation of these trends.

    Using leverage you can increase your investment capital significantly. I would also avoid investing all the money on a single property, but spread it to at least three properties to minimize risk, unless you are absolutely certain you found a property that it is a true steal.

    Hope this helps. Petros

    Petros Sivitanides, Ph.D.

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