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    i want to know how much does it cost to build a house in sydney per square metre?…

    thank you

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    Hi noclue
    There are too many variables to answer this question with any accuracy. It will depend on the soil type, complexity of design, council requirements for the area, local trade prices, prices allowed for fixtures/fittings/bricks etc. You would be far better off to ring some builders in the local area and ask them if they could give you an estimate or quote (if you have plans) and ask them what is included. If you have plans you can specify what you want included and get 3-4 builders to quote the same items. Then you know for sure where the best deal is.

    Julie Fisher
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    if you really want a ballpark number… in perth (which is probably similar all over) you are looking at $2500 to $3000sqm for a nice mid range spec. probably the higher end of that price range. you could blow $5k/sqm if you wanted tho

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    Hey noclue,

    One thing to watch when you're asking around for a quote in NSW is that you make very clear (as you have done in this post) that you want a price per SQUARE METRE and not a price per SQUARE (which is, from memory, 10 square feet).


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    Hi noclue

    Good question – and the bane of every developer's existance – especially in the early stages.

    Some of the Quantity Surveyors around have guidelines – I use BMT as a guide for my feasibility calcs –  Of course, as you get closer, getting builder's quotes will give you a much better idea.



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