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    Hi All
    I know that this will probably depend on what style of property investing you guys are into, but I have a general question for the experienced guys on the forum.
    If you guys could pick your top 3 books on property investing…what would they be?
    To be fair, no authors to reply!

    I have bought one of Margaret Lomas’s books and would like to read some more, but with so many books on the market I would like to hear from others what books have been most beneficial to them.

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    Perhaps not so experienced and definitely still learning[exhappy]


    “Rich Dad Poor Dad”…R. Kiyosaki
    it was like hello world! there is a different life out there apart from spending and woo hooing every red cent that came into my mitts….I took stock and worked on creating a different mindset. A generalised account on paper of how you think is what you get and are…

    “From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years”….S McKnight
    Then I bought this book, an Aussie guy doing it and told his story, good for me because it told practical stuff and what was going through his mind on things….and Ballarat was my backyard…he set by example!

    “Building Wealth Story by Story””… Jan Somers
    More information, and this time it was like being in a room full of people who had successfully invested in property…yet all differently….so different the people and stories, but the outcome was [biggrin]

    Apart from that I have read many other property and wealth creation, self development books, you name it I have probably read it, so much knowledge and experience and inspiration to be gleaned…it is a wonderful time of my life I am having.


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    Thanks Sam, have seen the first two in a bookstore before I was found this forum and wondered if they could possibly help. I looked at all the books when I first decided I had to do something and thought ‘I wonder if these people are REALLY property investors..or they like property investing but are successfull authors?….The third one I heard about in a thread and ended up getting the investment software which I need to find a little more time to teach myself to use. Appreciate your response…and would really love some more….please guys!!

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    Don;t mean to set a cat among the pidgeons, and yes the title is enough to put a lot of people off, but if you want to read something that is not plum in mouth like Kiosaki or written in a semi fictional manner like a few others , check out ‘Get Real-Get Rich’ by Paul O’Connor. Puts a different slant on things, but is a warts ‘n all book. Like ALL the stuff around, take it on board with a grain of salt, picking up the postive points from others who have been there and done that…… but enjoy the journery. Happy learning. [strum]

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    Smarter Property Improvement by Peter Cerexhe has some interesting ideas which I think would suit your circumstances. It is about improving properties and development planning. Regards, Linda

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    Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
    Real Estate Riches – Dolf de Roos
    From 0 to 260+ properties in 7 years – Steve McKnight
    Keys to the Vault – Keith Cunningham (not written for property investing but a great book)

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    The first book I ever read about investing was ‘Making Money made Simple ‘ by Noel Whittaker . I know it is not really about property investing as such …..more about life really .

    I have a whole cupboard full of books these days but I would say that Noels first issue of this book , back in 1986 I think it was , is probably the one that set me off the most .

    Investing books are popping up like mushrooms after rain these days . Its hard to know . I suppose that is what libraries are for eh?

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    Thanks v8ghia, millions, sanjivgupta and pursefattener. I really do appreciate your recommendations and after pursefatteners reply I think that a great idea would be to borrow as many of those books (as possible) from a library and then purchase the ones that I would like on hand. Thanks heaps guys.

    I suppose people could still reply as there would be many more like me that would like to know which books are great and why?


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    Here’s a few more (I like reading prop investment books):-
    1. Robert Kiyosaki – all books; they’re all great in different ways.
    2. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill.
    2. Richest Man in Babylon.
    3. Millionaire next Door – Stanley and Danko.
    4. Michael Yardney – all books.
    5. Margaret Lomas – all books.
    6. Jan Somers – all books.
    7. Money Secrets of the Rich (Australian Edition) – John Burley.
    8. Monique Wakelin – all books.
    9. Noel Whittaker – all books.
    10. The Warren Buffet Way – not property, but interesting.
    11. Neil Jenman – all books
    12. Terry Ryder – all books.
    13. Peter Spann – not bad
    14. Steve Mcnight – all books.
    15. Property Investor Magazine.

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    Only 3 books…Mmm…not easy but here’s my pick:

    Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed by Dale Beaumont
    A collection of stories from Hans Jakobi, Edward Chan, Craig Turnbull, Patrick Bright, Dymphna Boholt, Sam Vannutini, Peter Comden, Rick Otton, Green & Leather

    Female Entrepreneurs, by Leiza Clark
    Includes Kirsty Dunphey but the other stories are about successful Aussie girls such as Janine Allis (Boost Juice) Kristina Karlsson (Kikki.K) Katrina Allen (De Jour) plus heaps more. A great motivational read.

    Australian Residential Property Development by R Forlee
    (A bit boring to read but a fantastic resource which explains in simply terms the step by step process.)

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    Thanks Marc and AmandaBs
    Have bought today
    Rich Dad, Poor Dad (seemed to be popular). R. Kiyosaki
    Don’t Sign Anything (need to know the tricks). N.Jenman
    0-260+ properties in 7 years (couldn’t find other one) S.McKnight

    I will check out the library for some of the others in time. I am also keen to find the property development book you mentioned AmandaBS.

    Thanks all!

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    I would go for renokings geoff doidge paul eslick,the realestate coach bradley j. sugars. what i didn’t learn at school but wish i had jamie Mcintyre,The one minute millionaire,mark victor hansen,just to name a few.Great reading for Passionate investors.


    ray james

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    Hi Guys,
    Buying all these books gets really expensive. What I did was sign up to the Borders Bookstores website. (I am in VIC) and you get an email each month with a discount voucher. Varies from 10% to 30% or buy one get one free.

    Thats how I buy my books anyway.


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    Man, I can not for the life of me believe that no one has said “acres of diamonds”. It is the best and I mean best.

    GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hi Julie,

    Not sure if you have seen the Best of sticky message – it has a link to a book review list – here is the link:

    For me my personal favourites are “The Richest Man in Babylon” – it is like reading a story but the essential principles are all there, and one that has not been mentioned in this thread is “Money Secrets of the Rich” by John Burley, more to do with wealth accumulation than actual investing but very well structured.

    Hope this helps,



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    Hi All,
    As another avid reader-Steve McKnights 3 books are all really pertinent. I like all of Kiyosaki’s too. Another really worth checking out is ‘Unlimited Real Estate Profit ‘ by Marc Stephan Garrison. It’s about the American market but is completely applicable to the Australian scene. Great reading-you’ll learn a lot. It’s available at A. and R.

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    I have just read Michael Yardney’s How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time.
    It was my first property investing book and i found it to be fantastic

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    Well I have just finished Neil Jenman’s “Don’t sign anything” and although it is good for an insight into REA’s tactics, I thought it got a little personal towards the end so I didn’t really know how much faith I could put in his point of view.

    I absolutely loved David Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and am now determined that my four kids will get some financial instruction before I let them loose on the world. Really good.

    Just up to chapter 5 of Steve McKnights book 0-260+ prop’s in 7 years so will let you know after I finish.

    I am keeping a bit of a list on some of the other titles and will be heading to the library to check them out. Thanks everyone, I am sure there are many people out there doing the same.

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    I have read all of Kiyosakis books (except the new one with Donald Trump, but I want to read that one!)
    I have read Dolph DeLaRoos (sic?) and I have also read a couple of Sales books, which really help in all aspects of life, IE you seel yourself to your boss, to your customers (“I am the best man for the job because…”) and you buy and sell real estate. Even bargaining for items at the markets is a form of selling. Oh and of course if you want to buy a car you need to be able to negotiate.
    anyway that was off topic a little. I am currently looking into my first IP and ALL these books have helped. I have wokred at a Kiyosaki seminar here in Brisbane a couple of years ago, shook his hand and got his and Kims autographs. He really is living proof of what can be achieved, and to anyone who doubts this, i just walk away, you can’t argue with someone who is 110% convinced that “there is no such thing as +ve cashflow” or that “real estate is no good” or of course “shares are the only way to go”
    hope this helped (?)
    OOPS, I almost forgot, Steves books are awesome too, (no I am not just saying that). The first one was basically a “how me and Dave did it” and the second one (“1million in property in one year”) was a great inspiration of other people and what/how they did. The third book I just devoured, more practical examples and also the thoughts and ideas behind succesful investing in real estate. for example the divide and conquer methodology – where you sell one property nad use the money to buy two more (read the book for more) while it sounds simple and obvious, It’s suprising how many people (I think) wouldn’t think of it. Also the eqiuty graphs are a good visualisation. basically talks about paying off your principal as a means for increasing equity, as well as taking whatever capital gians come tyour way. I can’t recall the terminology right now (books at home, Im at work) but its a good read for sure!!

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    A few different books…

    There is a book called “The Five Lessons a Millionaire taught me”, but I don’t know who it is by. It is about general wealth creation, easy to read.

    Another book I have just finished is by Kim Kiyosaki called “Rich Woman” and it was really good. Told in a story format, generally suited to women who have not been taught all there is to know about wealth outside of work. A nice easy read as well.

    Another book that is not directly related: “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. It is hard going, but I really liked it. It is a bit more about “who” you are rather than “what “you do.


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